Friday, December 10, 2010

Gingerbread Martinis for Real! Happy Friday Night

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my attempt to make gingerbread martinis.  While they were good, they weren't very gingerbready.  This week however, I found gingerbread liqueur and made super delicious gingerbread martinis. 

Mix 1 part each Kahlua, vanilla vodka, and gingerbread liqueur, 1/2 part half and half in a shaker with ice and shake.  Garnish with fresh ground nutmeg. 

I served them with smoked salmon and crackers for our appetizer.  My husband and I are going to watch our traditional holiday movie tonight, It's a Wonderful Life, and wrap presents.  We've been doing this since we were first married and we still look forward to it!

Happy Friday Night!


Christy said...

Have fun! Gingerbread martinis sound good!

Sherri said...

We had a gingerbread evening too..but No martinis..the crowd was 7 and under! =0

{Bobbi} said...

I have never had smoked salmon like that before. I've always wanted to try but too scared to buy it. I wish I lived next door to sneak some. hehe Gingerbread Martinis...awesome idea!

Kelly said...

Christy- you actually gave me the idea when you put me onto pumpkin martinis!

Sherri- Better stick to plain eggnog with the 7 and under :) We put that crowd to bed before our little soiree!

Bobbi- It would be fun to live next door to a bunch of bloggy friends! I bought 2 packs of the salmon because my kids actually like it too! They eat sushi too though...